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Sell Your Antiques & Fine Art

We have a strong interest and appreciation for antiques and fine art and so do our clients. We have access to niche markets and a network of collectors looking for:

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  • Original paintings, fine art & watercolors
  • Prints, posters, maps & photographs
  • Art glass & stained glass
  • Statues, carvings & figurines
  • Signs, political buttons, badges, books & political pamphlets
  • Ancient, medieval, colonial, Civil War, Western & Native American items
  • Memorabilia & folk art
  • Old musical instruments, prewar German cameras
  • Old motorcycles & bicycles; also badges, parts & tools
  • Models & prototypes, nautical, aviation, navigational & optical
  • Unusual machine tools or gauges
  • Military uniforms & accouterments, antique weapons & firearms, rifle sights & scopes
  • Awards, decorations & medals, flags & pennants
  • Wooden & metal boxes, locks, scales, pens, old toys
  • Old decorative items of brass, copper, bronze, cast & wrought iron, milled steel, clay & terra-cotta, porcelain, crystal & cut glass, wood, ivory & bone, and stone, for example
  • Especially items of historical or political interest or with unusual provenance
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